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the work of Gaudi


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Aug 20, 2009
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Have you ever seen the work of Gaudi? He is a famous architect of Barcelona and has created to give some examples: the sagrada familia, park guell, casa batllo, casa mila, ... His style is modernism and he uses only curved lines, a lot of color in mozaic and a lot of fantasy

I wonder if you, as INFJ can appreciate his art and what MBTI type you think he is

casa batllo







personaly I feel very much attracted to his art. Especially casa batllo. It is completely originated from nature, the sea in particular. It is a dream world, it reminds me of the houses of the hobbits in LOTR. He uses natural light, colored glass that gives the room a special atmosphere, always according to the use of the room. It is so harmanious, natural, not inprisoning like modern houses tend to do but liberating, unlocking...

I think he was an ISFP (maybe INFP) with a good use of Te
Oh yes, surely any INFJ will appreciate the combination of structural engineering with pure organic form. It was high time to get over that old visual facination with industrial repetition anyway.

I plan to get a welcome glimpse of iconic Gaudi landmarks in Barcelona when I watch the Spanish Grand Prix next weekend. In fact, I was looking forward to this particular aspect of the programming.

btw, I expect to see similar forms as the a science museum goes up across the street from my office building. Apparently it features an highly organic skin that covers a steel skeleton. It is a nature museum so I suppose that makes some sense.

As for Gaudi himself.....he was probably bonkers but he did what he loved, so on both counts he is okay in my book.
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I think it's amazing. I look forward to seeing it myself one day. :)
I love Gaudi. I've been in Barcelona two years ago and managed to take so many pictures that people actually had to drag me away from Gaudi's work, I'm a bit like Japanese tourist in that way. :D

And while we're at Spain and famous artists, Dali was great too. I managed to get to the Figueras (I think that's the name of the town where him museum is, but I should check) and I was amazed by his work too.

Awww, I'd love to go to Spain again, so much.