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that's the abbreviation for "eleventy" right?

i knew that :m171:
Everyone's always going on and on about how special Pi is, but e is my favourite. I think it's underestimated. :nod:
I like Pi. I celebrate Pi day. March 14th. Also own a Pi shirt.

The Pi symbol is sexy.
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I LIekS pie.
Wow. Just wow.
On that note, TIME FOR LUNCH! :D
PI (or pie) IS MY NICKNAME!!!! Want to know why?! It is actually in my name! (My name is Pieter for those of you who dont know). AND I have over 100 numbers in Pi memorized! ...and I ironiclly hate pie :D
My gf and I got as far as memorizing 50 digits. I think I only remember about 20 now though haha.

Let's see....


Yep, that's all I've got left in my brain. Not bad since I haven't thought about it in like... months hehe.