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the Introversion


Sep 18, 2008
i am very curious about this
I think the Introversion is caused more because of one's inability to properly run a conversation rather than the fact that we are easily worn out by social exposure

Your thoughts on this?
I think there are a whole heap of introverts that are able to run a good conversation, communication skills are learnt, it might come easier to an extrovert but an introvert can definitely learn how to as well.

Extraverts often have more desire to learn those skills though as it allows them to better connect to the people they get energy from.
No it wears me out, seriously. I just don't care to speak, doesn't mean I can't, I prefer not to.

That's all it really is, a preference.
Well I know that mine is partially dictated by intense focus when I'm interested in something... after a long period of that I lose the ability to speak and my it's as if my brain needs to be doused in ice water to move it back into the present.

But after some warming up, I'm fine in conversation and actually tend to keep randomly talking to entertain people. Oh, until it gets awkward... then I shut up and regather to try another conversational approach.
Introversion for me is a combination of preferring to listen than talk, thinking before I speak and having no desire to be the centre of attention. I can become worn out by social interaction but it's more accurate to say that I lose interest and would rather be somewhere else doing something I choose to do as small talk is often involved in social interaction and it seems so fake to me, I don't enjoy that kind of environment for long but I can give an appearance that suggests otherwise.

Inability to properly run a conversation is a skill that can be developed whereas being worn out by social interaction, meh, not so much, more of a nuance to be aware of.

What defines introversion? Well for MBTI it's about how you perceive the world, you can get some pretty animated introverts with this definition. Traditional introversion is about being quiet, not everyone is quiet because they are unable to communicate effectively.
I can run a conversation just fine, thank you very much! (fakes annoyance)

It's just that I don't very often get an overwhelming urge to express myself to others, I am quite content with my own opinions, but don't mind the opinions of those I trust. Of course, that may mean that, in the end, all introversion represents is the egotistical belief that we alone are right, and so right that we don't need the external confirmation of our absolute correctness by being social (either that, or we secretly fear we are wrong and are afraid to find out we are not).

I know many extroverts with whom I can carry on a conversation, but they still wear me out.