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May 11, 2008
So I was watching The Gotham Knight tonight and was actually pretty amazed by the quality of the animation and the storytelling. It follows the Batman Begins and Dark Knight Story line. It is on par with Japanese Anime.

Although there was one very disconcerting thing. Bruce Wayne looks too fricking much like Light Yagami from Death Note! For some reason, it scares the hell out of me!

Bruce Wayne


Bruce Wayne close up


Light Yagami


I can't stand having one of my favorite heros resembling one of my most detested villains.

Other than that, these are pretty awesome films. I'm sure Shai has probably already seen them all.
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OMG Bruce is Light!
You just became a million times cooler in my book. Not that you weren't before, I'm just more aware of your coolness now.
Yeah I saw it. I quite liked it.

Only two issues with it:
1. Bruce Wayne is a very powerfully built MAN. Not a scrawny adolescent.
2. Batman doesn't come out during the day unless it's extremely important. That minor battle didn't count as important.

I love how they showed batman in heaps of different forms, giving the impression of how the kids saw him as horrifying. I especially liked that last incarnation how he moved in the light. Great movie. The batman movies ought to be done in anime style... But with more attention paid that difference of Batmans size, and Bruce Waynes size. The two were markedly different.
I think it was done on purpose, to show how unintimidating Bruce is and how frighning Batman could be, my personal favorite was "Work through the pain"
yeah, but did he have to pop a magical pill to become batman's size when he donned the cowl?
OMG Light progressed from killing to saving people! With actual actions!
Light saved people. Don't you remember the girl he saved from being raped by writing the guys name in his book?
Oh yeah and he technically saved people by killing criminals.