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The end of the relationship

In my own personal experiences the worst part about disconnecting from people is that when I close the door on them I really just close the personal interaction door, I cant cut them out of my thoughts or pull that brick out of the emotional wall. It seems I have to go against my nature and just stand by hard principles when it comes to some people. "I dont want to leave, I just have to."

Same for me. And honestly, I wish it wasn't so... because if the situation was emotionally complex, at some point I just want to let it go and be free of that emotional strain.
Yea the same with me. I've cut out a lot of people over my life. Actually, people who get to know me tend to learn about this trait and I've had a few friendships save themselves when it became clear that I was about to slam the door and build the brick wall. So, in my experience behavior can sometimes change. On the other hand, there are really a lot of emotionally destructive and toxic people out there and I feel this is the best method of self-preservation. But I'll surprise myself that I'll think of someone who I cut off years ago in some random way. Even when people are emotionally toxic, I feel that I still have a sense of who that person is, and there's a romantic part of me that can see the beauty in someone even if they are destructive.


Sometimes I think that this is standard and everyone generally experiences this (various types of people), then I realize maybe I'm just slightly naive.