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Dec 2, 2008
Have you, would you, should you, could you? This came up on another forum and the answers were very interesting...:m052:
I know children of swingers.

They didn't and don't seem very appreciative about it, so no.

Though I have seen documentary's on it, it does seem quite free, nude ranches where swingers are not only free to sleep with each other, but they read and sing together with a closeness that can't be found anywhere else, besides an intimate relationship, which is what it basically is, you're close to everyone at the ranch cause odds are you've slept with there wife, or girlfriend, with consent from the guy of course.

But I still wouldn't do it, sounds like fun though.
Doesn't appeal to me, though I do understand the appeal for others.

I think some people are born more monogamous than others, perhaps life experience (children of swingers or children of a parent who suffered because of infidelity) makes some of us less open to it. Perhaps those who married before experiencing a significant amount of sexual variety are also more inclined towards swinging.

I haven't experienced a desire for variety since meeting my husband 13 years ago. I guess I sowed all my wild oats and then some in the 12 years between the end of my first marriage and the beginning of my current (and last) one.
Doesn't interest me at all.
It's not even something I'd fantacize about.
I’d be incapable. I’m not particularly jealous but I can be possessive in a relationship, I wouldn't share my man well with others :wink:
Nor would I. I was surprised when this question came up at the other place just how many people did or would.
Extroverts. I tell ya'.

my fantasy is to find a man that i couldn't favor anyone else above and vice versa. until then i'm in no relationship. so i guess responding to the question is irrelevant.
my fantasy is to find a man that i couldn't favor anyone else above and vice versa.


That's kinda the crux of it for me. I couldn't share him and I'd feel devalued if he wanted to.