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Spiritual Pleasures


Permanent Fixture
Sep 4, 2008
What are some of your spiritual pleasures?

Here are some of mine

Wear your masks of darkness and I will show you the abyss; give you a glimpse of true madness.

Wish to hurt my cubs, I crush your spine as the force of the universe bears it's weight.

My hands they are around your spirit and soul, do you feel it? Your darkness so delicious, there is no mercy for you. I play by the rules and you play within the game.

Witness the destruction of your worlds as my view of Venus was always meant to be.

I am who you thought I was, I am nothing and I come for you.
Feeling the connection of my intuitive being to that of the greater universe:m045:
Making friends with silence
Living as simply as possible
Finding enjoyment in the everyday
Working just for the creativity of it
Simple laughter among friends
Watching the weather and nature's moods