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Shai Gar

I'm creating myself a Sith Robe, making a mask, buying some armour and an Ultra Saber Red.

I'm thinking about using Motocross Armour for the "Sith Armour" with some visual adjustments to make it... scarier.

Not sure though yet which to go for.



Colour's not an issue because it'd be spray painted black anyway. The aim is to be strong enough to defend against a strong bokken attack.

As for the mask, I'm thinking about making it in two parts, similar to the batman mask from the new series, full face, helmet and sides, and a strong darkly visaged Mempo.
I'm going to be putting hard mache over them anyway, so it's less a matter of "Cool", than it is of protection.
Although I tend to agree.
the second suit should make you appear larger.
Top one, its lighter, and therefore more efficient. while the hard plating is useful, the cloth will actually help with most of the blow. Plus it will allow you to move easier, which will be incredibly useful if you want to do any actual sword fighting. Also, it will be less obvious under the robe.
Top is better, I agree. I'm not sure about a helmet/mask. Show examples of what you have in mind. I would think some kind of facepaint would do better then a mask. and a helmet would have to be on the small side.
Awwwwww... that is SOOO SO cute!!!

(I'm sorry, but I was just powerfully reminded of my 5-year-old and his Knight obsession.)

I think you need a helmet with a visor or a noseguard. And maybe a place to stick some kind of hair or feathers or a faux-hawk on top.

You'll look adorable.

(Am I banned now?)
:msith::msith:Yes. You're banned.:msith::msith:

I figure I'll have to make a PoP mold of my head to mould the hardsetting foam around.

I've found a Ballistic Face mask...


Threat Level 3A

Ergonomically fit, our Ballistic Face Mask has been designed to maximize comfort while providing total front facial protection.

Additional padding is incorporated at the forehead and either side of the face to maximize shock absorption from ballistic threats.

A six point elastic attachment system allows the user to adjust for the perfect fit.

I think that I'll link it to a custom helmet and then build on it to create an image like this:


Will need to do something about the eyes though, perhaps reflective visors in there...


If you really make this suit, can I be your apprentice?
We'll kill 80% of the population on earth, (the elderly and the disabled first of course) and make the survivors our slaves.

The only thing I ask is that I can carry a lightsaber. And have a few female slaves.
:p You'll have to buy your own saber...

and make your own suit, but my teachings will be The Order of Shai Gar.
I fully support this. You can continue with my blessings *cracks a bottle of wine of the armor*
nope, it's more in tune with study and development of the person, physical form and attainment of power.

use it for what you will.
Wow, that looks like a really good cosplay :) if you have any issues making it, trying to find a guide online (there are loads) or just buy a bit of it.
If you don't have a lightsaber, it'll be hard to make ^^"
How will you breathe?
I'm not certain of that one yet. I'm considering a snorkel...

Wow, that looks like a really good cosplay :) if you have any issues making it, trying to find a guide online (there are loads) or just buy a bit of it.
If you don't have a lightsaber, it'll be hard to make ^^"
I'm buying one, as I said in OP.
Oh, well of course (the snorkel.) It could vent somewhere in the faux-hawk. That is why you need some kind of decoration up there. All the most intimidating people have things like that on their heads, anyway.

Except the ones that are bald, I guess.

(And isn't it some obscene hour in Australia, anyway?)

P.S. Are people actually going to hit you?
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I just googled Bokken Attack... so, are people really going to hit you with those things?

(Shaking head and re-living old conversations with my husband about how football and martial arts are actually fun and not, in fact, horrifying exercises in mutual mutilation....)

Well, be careful, then! Good thing you have armor.