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Si = politicians?

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Oct 3, 2009
The last Se US president must have been Nixon. Seems there are always more Si politicians. Eg: ESFJ, INTP, ENTP, ENFP... I think the explanation is: Se are more influential in society, which means that practically they influence the majority of people who to vote for. However, Se are more likely to support someone Si, instead of another Se. Because two Se tend to clash after some time. So in the end Si get elected more often.

Let me make sure that logic became clear:

Si ----> elected
| \
Se + Se + Se ...
| | \ | | \ | \ \ \
Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si Si ...
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Well, the way I see it, because Si types (SJs) are amongst the most common types in the general population a politician is automatically more likely to be an SJ, and on top of that Si is essentially the "tradition" function, so his/her policies are likely to be traditionally minded* which will appeal to the majority of SJs in the country, who as previously mentioned make up a sizeable majority of the general population.

*(Note that I said traditionally minded, rather than conservative, as it's entirely possible to have liberal traditions, and if an SJ was raised in that environment then they're more likely to hold "liberal" views than "conservative" ones).

(Oh, and Bill Clinton was probably an ESFP, and George W. Bush was quite possibly an ESTP, so there's at least one recent Se type president for you).
Si = NP/SJ
Se = NJ/SP

Bush Jr., Clinton - ENTP
Si by it's nature is more regiment, linear, and solid. Which has appeal for socieity as a president is supposed to be these things. Si also gives an inate drive to control and hold common and shared ideals, which is largely what government is about.
Si = NP/SJ
Se = NJ/SP

Don't forget that Si plays a very different cognitive role for SJs and NPs. For SJs it's their main perceiving function, and so it's the main way their ideas and beliefs are informed and therefore structured around. Whereas for NPs Si only plays a back-up role, with Ne forming the main framework for their ideas, perceptions and beliefs.

Because of that the policies of an SJ politician will tend to be based around tradition and stability, whereas the policies of an NP politician will tend to be based around progressiveness and diversity. Which will naturally appeal to different voters in different ways.

Bush Jr., Clinton - ENTP
Hmmm, I just don't see it. To me Clinton seems like a very clear F, Bush a very clear S, they don't seem similar enough to share the same personality type, and they don't remind me to any significant degree of any of the ENTPs I'm familiar with. =P