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Shower Moments

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May 5, 2008
alright... here is an interesting topic for me...

who else has 'shower moments'?

you know what i'm talking about: taking a shower, thinking about work, friends problems, complex situation at work... and presto, you go "AHA! I GOT IT!"

different than waking from a dream, the shower moments stays with you... and i think it is because it is something you have figured out while you are in conscious state...

so, who else does this..? or is it just me..?
I'm usually kinda busy... when I'm in the shower...

You know... scrubbing my private parts.
yeah, basically i think all sorts of shit in the shower.What am i going to do later....what what SH to be clean....playing bubbles.....skating....seldom falling.....playing water with myself.....getting tired...thinking how the day went blah blah blah blah it goes on forever!
I do my best thinking in the shower, heh.
I write on the shower wall in my shower. I do some thinking in there, but mostly I just clean myself.

And the usual.
yep I relate to the shower moments. When I'm just standing there letting the water pour over me and I'm not thinking anything - that's when a solution, idea or inspiration just pops on in. I've had several incredible shower moments.
Water meets fire. It calms me primarily. No major breakthroughs, just meditative, unless my husband, ah gotta go check the kids.
I do my best thinking in the shower, heh.


I can usually turn my thoughts off on demand but in the shower I can't/don't, I think... lots.
Its either no thoughts and just enjoying the cleaning process and hot water, or sometimes I have these overviews of "things to do urgently" or "thought/experience x or y, wasnt so bad afterall". Those two themes seem to be the most common ones during my showers.
Not so much -i tune out in the shower. My Ah-ha moment come when I am driving.
Mmmm... how can I put it....

Usually when I'm taking my shower I just focus on cleansing my body. But when I'm depressed, when something really bad happens and I'm forced to put up a "I'm doing good" face to society, the shower becomes my hidden place. It's one of those truly private moments where I can let out my anger, frustration, sadness, and, yes, mourning. The running water "cleanses" my soul, and when I'm done, I can face the world again.

My most "aha!" moments are when I go to my porch and stare at the stars, in the middle of the night, when it's silent and everyone else's sleeping.

P.S.: I've heard some people say their emotional escape takes place in their cars, when they're driving. What ?????? I could never go deep in my emotions if I'm driving. I might end up crashing into someonelse's car... Oh well, I guess one can be a train wreck and focus at the same time! LOL
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