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Serendipity's Bitch


Jun 1, 2009
I often experience the max strange-coincidence quotient. And I have started to say that I am Serendipity's little-play thing. Anyone else?
You're probably more aware of the coincidences in your life. Everything is over my head, usually.
Please explain why you think this using concrete examples.
Did a man wearing a purple hat and green overalls knock on your door at 4 AM a few nights ago? Because that would be strange (and probably very creepy too).
Hey did, but I invited him in for tea and crackers. As he entered my foyer I made sure he had a reflection and then we seated ourselves by the fire and chatted late into the night. His name is Ferdinand and he raises free-range chickens in South Minneapolis. We exchanged hot-dish recipes and then he had to go.
Welcome to the world of syncronicities! :)
My dad raises chickens (and has done so for the past 7 years) in a new jersey suberb. It is possible anywhere.
If the principle of causality is only a matter of statistical probability, then there is room for a complimentary principle in which nature arranges events which have apparent meaning to humans. I find this concept to be spooky. Yet it appears that it is mathematically sound.
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It would be even stranger if coincidences never happened.