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sensor versus intuition


defective wisdom
Aug 20, 2009
INFJ again
I have been thinking about the difference between the sensor and the inuition function

I think it comes down to this. Sensor and intuition people store information in a total different way. The way I see it, sensor people store information as facts, data; while intuition people store information as feelings.

I don't store anything, I'm an empty vessel. :)
Well, sensor/intuition doesn't have much to do with feelings or anything, but you did hit quite a few things on them.

Intuitives gather information through patterns and the "big picture." They notice how things interconnect and can understand the principle better than how each individual part works. They tend to understand theory rather than the practical side of things. It is abstract rather than concrete.

Sensors gather information through the solid means of their senses. They notice what is, what was; therefore, they tend to be better at memorizing facts rather than learning theories. They see details before they see the interconnection. They tend to be better with practical things as opposed to the theories, and are concrete rather than abstract.

Si -- SJ types -- takes past experiences and applies it to the present. They are good with concrete memorization, facts, details, dates, traditions, etc.
Se -- SP types -- focuses on the present and what is currently happening. It notices details in the world around and is very good with practical work and hands-on activities.
Ni -- NJ types -- takes patterns and applies it to one overall conclusion. It can find the connection between many things that may not seem to be connected.
Ne -- NP types -- takes one thing and sees all the possibilities that can arise from it. It can see many patterns that could come from a situation and follow many different ideas.
Sensors have an advantage in some fields of science, but not all. Sensors have an advantage in some fields of engineering. They also have a strong advantage in environmental science, and earth science. Sensors can also have an advantage in Field biology, and physics. Intuitive have an advantage in chemistry, physics, and biology. Nevertheless, if one is purely intuitive, or purely sensing with no hold on a counter function, they will struggle.

I focus on organic chemistry. This branch of chemistry requires a strong hold on Ni, and can also work under a Ne/Ti combo (I have seen examples of both). The nature of ochem is highly intuitive, and if one dosen't have an understand of their intuitive side they can not manage well in it. However, you also need a sensing side for it to work. I have a pretty strong Si for an INFJ, and this comes in advantage for me. I have a good memory of what has happened with previous things, and I will notice tiny discrepencies on how things should be, that usually are overlooked.