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Sep 16, 2009
So this initially was going into the [pug] christianity thread but that fact that this is niether an issue that is mutually exclusive to christianity and should be addressed as its own entity as it propagates not only religion but also polical scene and elsewhere. But I'm going to limit to the religious part for now. Also I wish to hear peoples views on the subject without repercussion and a lengthy fight.

So simply put why does anyone feel compelled to actively pursue and convert others to whatever religious cause?

I ask this as this convertion has led to some bloody times in history and persecution of others; the inquisition, the reformation, and the counter-reformation to name a few. Also the use of coertion for those of whom had fallen out of favor with a given church; excommunication.

Why is it that a system that allows for people to come and go without
such string unobtainable? Why can I not worship a rock without someone saying I'm ignorant? Why does anyone care if I'm not hurting anyone?

I have used primarialy Catholic incedents of pushing of ideas onto people but atheists and other western religions have also caused such friction with an example being Richard Dawkins as he has beraged the media about how god doesn't exist. For him I ask, "why do you care??? You're an evolutionary biologist!" Don't you have some experiments to run or something?"

I want to hear some peoples thoughts on this. I will add my own soon enough.
I can only speak from the Christian perspective so here it goes.

I would go out first to say that every Christian is charged by Christ to spread the Gospel and make disciples(Acts 1:7&8). So as a Christian It's something that we do because first Jesus said so.

Secondly If you look at things from a Christian perspective you'll note that evangelism is a way of showing love. Because from a Christian perspective if you don't believe in Christ as Lord then you go to hell and who would wish hell upon a person, especially a loved one or a close friend.

Finally if you ever note that people are upset about you leaving Christianity it's because you've chosen to go to hell as opposed to heaven(from the christian's perspective) which is basicly suicide(also from the christian perspective). Hence a Christian might often try to bring you back to the faith, especially if it's a loved one or close friend.

Hope this adds something.
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The quest for policital supremacy and economic development has caused even more torment and I would look to issues within the dominant culture to see how religion was coopted for another, more worldly purpose.

FWIW, a good deal of active conversion has taken place quite peacefully and with a good deal of cultural integration. In general the process should be fairly passive....free will and all.

I do admit, however, some efforts (at least the caricature version) can seem pretty odd.
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Eternal damnation/suffering is SRS BZNS! If you knew the answer, wouldn't you want to share that? No one believes rock worshiping is the answer... anymore...
Eternal damnation/suffering is SRS BZNS! If you knew the answer, wouldn't you want to share that? No one believes rock worshiping is the answer... anymore...

Not seen any engagement ring ads lately huh?
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I think it has to be more than duty and fear. I could be a nutritionist and tell someone that transfats and a consistent diet of Oreo cookies are bad, and I can show pictures of jacked up bodies, but that wouldn't necessarily change the person's mind because the Oreos taste good. Short term benefits, and all that.

Perhaps the only way I can show folks how to live is to show how good I feel when I don't consume a consistently junky diet. To show how much more I can do when I'm healthy, and in top peak condition. I use myself as the example...not that I'm a great pinnacle of anything, but to actually be a decent example.

You can't force anyone to change. If someone doesn't want the experience or they don't care to know about it so be it - but you can still be their friend. You can still offer to pray for them or listen, or offer guidance and hope. Jesus never attacked anyone or hit anyone over the head because they didn't follow him. He simply said (metaphorically), "here I am." He tells us to seek, so we may find.

I think people should at least open their minds to exploring - there's no shame or harm in that. I found completion in Christ, and out of all the religions out there I really feel this one (to quote that awful line) completes me. "Yeah, but what about this verse...and that one...and--"


The New Testament shows God living inside of us, helping us make wise decisions based on His love. Some people claim to be Christians but if they're not outwardly manifesting that love to all people - regardless of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, or what have you - then I have to ask if they're really who they say they are.

And that's my proselytizing of the day.:mhula: