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People make stuff up using letters *split from off-topic thread*


Right the First Time!
Jun 12, 2008
I'm So Flippin Perfect

I just thought of that.

How clever of me.



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I'm Notorious For Jeering
I'm Never Feeling Jovial

Easily Narcissistic Totally Powerless
Everyone Start Freakin' Partying!

Everyone Should Feel Jealous
Keep this up and I'm just gonna have to split this out of my twisted posts dumping ground and into a thread of it's own. Love it :thumb:
Off topicness become a topic? Love the ironing.
I Shall Try Parachuting
been there done that, parachuting is awesome. I am going to go balloon surfing :D
Eat S### Turd Juggler

(Delete if neccessary.):mD:

I Supply Transaction Judgements

I Need To Punctuate
This is amusing me. I approve. *Split*
Also I don't care about punctuation much. I can punch though, jess sayin'.
I'm No Freaking Jackalent
I Never Just Flow

OMG! Dyslexics untie!

I Never Forgive Juxtapositions!
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Evil Nasty Tryrant Jabberwockys

Intellectuals Need To Jackoff
I'm Now a Fairy Princess
I Notice Fungus Judiciously