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Paranormal Activity

Did Paranormal Activity scare you?

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Captain Obvious
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May 8, 2008
Type me.
The movie has been getting a lot of attention: a record-breaking profit margin, an innovative online ad campaign, and rave reviews from audiences, critics, and Steven Spielberg. Has anyone here seen it?

I saw it last night, and it was a big disappointment. It didn't scare me. Now I'm left wondering why the overwhelming majority of audience members find it so terrifying. Or perhaps the better question is why I didn't find it so; I have been spooked by other horror/suspense/thriller films, but not this one, while everyone else considers this one a standout.
I heard that it isn't all that great. imo it's been hyped up a bit too much (major studio buying the rights to it, Spielberg sending back the reel claiming it was 'haunted' etc.) and I don't think it will live up to it.
Sorry, i haven't but heard good things. I'd like to see it though. I'll let you know if i do.
I don't watch horror movies .___.
Yeah, no. I'm not wasting my time.

I've never had anything from the supposed horror genre scare me. Disturb, yes, but never scare (Hostel, anyone?)
I saw it in the theatre with Tally-wa, it was ok but def. not scary, lol
People are morons, get used to it.

I mean seriously I've heard people like transformers 2
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People are morons, get used to it.

I mean seriously I've heard people like transformers 2

Now THAT was a show that I didn't bother seeing, :D
Hiding aliens (with super-powers!) must be so paranoid, they need a hug - just like the people who imagined them.
The movie reminds me of my situation...those beings exist, whther the movie was fictional or not

I agree totally that demons exist. I have in my life, ben oppressed by such nusances and it was only when I sat up and yelled at it that it stopped for good...

I was 19 when I finally yelled at the stupid thing, I'm 38 now...

For some reason though, it still didn't scare me...