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One nice thing you did for someone today


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Apr 8, 2009
Hey Ho
So this is about being the change you want to see in the world, but it doesn't have to be anything revolutionary. I'd love it if a lot of people would take part in this and post regularly, to highlight one nice or kind thing they did for someone else that day. It might for someone you know, or for some random stranger, or even for a beloved pet. Either way, every little helps, and the more happiness we can spread in the world, the more that creates a ripple of good will that will add to our collective experience in a positive way.

So simply post one thing you did today, for someone else, that made you both feel good. :)

I'll start off with a small example.

I was in the supermarket today when a lovely elderly lady asked me if I wouldn't mind reaching her some products from the top shelf. I obliged and she thanked me and I felt good about that. Then the poor love dropped some of her other shopping, so I offered to pick that up for her, did so, and she smiled and said thank you and I wished her a nice day. Simple as that.
Nothing spectacular, but I did happen to cross paths with our irate store manager who was complaining about our incompetent despatch and the discussion actually veered into a in-depth discussion of how to help someone that is still new without it sounding like an attack, we were discussing how it is all about the approach. I could feel he felt relieved that somebody understood and his temper almost dissipated. I like it when something like that happens, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
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When I got out of work the other day, a guy was standing out in the parking lot and asked if he could use my phone. He said he was out of gas and needed to call his wife, so I let him use it. He didn't get in touch with her, so he then asked me for a few bucks. I have no idea why he didn't have a working cell phone or gas in his car, but maybe he's really poor. He was a black guy, but seemed intelligent and very articulate. There are plenty of dumb people in this city with money, so he of all people should be able to afford gas.

Anyway, he was very thankful and told me he'd come back on my shift today to give me my money back. I told him not to go out of his way to get $3 back to me, but he seemed pretty determined so I guess I'll be seeing him sometime today.
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My boyfriend and I left a gathering early this morning and we came back to my house for a nap. He's allergic to my cats so I changed the sheets on my bed. Simple? Yes, but still not something I'd do for anyone else; I'd just have them not stay.
My older son tried to take a toy car away from his younger brother. I stopped him and explained that he couldn't just take toys from people, including his brother. He was not happy about it, but his younger brother was. He felt protected.
Gave my colleague a box of tea for her Birthday. Chocolates would have been the obvious choice, but like me, she's on an 'eating plan', so tea was maybe kinder, and more likely to be enjoyed by her, rather than given to someone else. :tea:
I typed up a store hours sign for a much older coworker for his business since he's going on vacation. Bless his heart he still uses a typewriter..anyway it was no big deal to me at all, and he came in today specifically to have someone type that up for him. He called after he left and said "Thank you I'm not sure if I did, but that was very kind and you are always so sweet to me", that made my day : )
I made my grandma Onion soup and a sauteed mushroom and Havarti sandwich because she didn't feel well. She doesn't eat meat so I'm always thinking of tasty things to make her.

And I left a poem in a library book. I don't know if that's a good thing are not but sometimes i like foisting my random prettier thoughts on strangers. Like a literary smile.
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gave a stray cat who was meowing at my doorstep some milk & food. my other cat was eying it suspiciously all the while, lol. i think the stray cat hadn't eaten in days, it was skin and bones.
Found a notice on the apartment door from the US census for the apartment upstairs. It's been empty since january and my mom told me no one has moved in since I have been gone. Called the number on it and told the guy that it was empty and not to worry about it. Gave him my number so he can confirm with my later so they can wipe the figure clean, and didn't get my mom involved so she didn't have to deal with it.
The other day my boyfriend and I tipped our waiter at Denny's fifty percent because we see him all the time and he is our favorite. My favorite thing about doing things like that is that I leave before they find what I've left.
I met a woman in the supermarket. She asked me where she could find a certain object. I answered her very sweet and made a joke. And then she started to tell me her live story. How she has kicked out her alcoholic boyfriend 5 days ago and that she was happy she made that decision. I said she had made a ver smart move and she should be proud of herself. And after that she was unstopable ....

I tried to be as nice and supportive as I could be and I saw that it really helping her to stand by her decision. She even said we should go out for a drink sometimes.

luckely I got out of the store just in time to not miss my appointment with my friend :becky:

this has never happened to me before, what is wrong with me? :D:D
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