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Obama and Hypnosis


Aug 15, 2009
OK, this is just about the craziest thing I've ever seen:


THE EVIDENCE IS HERE: This document contains over 60 pages of evidence
and analysis proving Barack Obama’s use of a little-known and highly deceptive
and manipulative form of “hack” hypnosis on millions of unaware Americans,
and reveals what only a few psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts know.
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Its called being a good public speaker. All good speeches are hypnotic. I realized this last year when I gave a speech full of energy and metaphor- it didn't go over well. :m167:

Speak in a slow, deep voice, employing subtle rhetoric and repeating things. Keep a steady rhythm. It is like music; it puts people in a trance. Then you can get them to believe what you're saying.
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I'm the decider!


Maybe he didn't say it slowly and deeply enough....
If he can do this, he should use it on congress to get healthcare passed.
This made me draw a connection to the "why do you say you hate people thread". If people are so easily hypnotized by public speaking then they can hardly be kept responsible for being "sheep". And thusly "hateing people" seems unfair in such a situation. Just a thought.
I'm not easily hypnotised, because I've got a strong sense of self, because I'm not a sheep.

chicken and egg
Oh, Lord.

Crackpots come out of the woodwork, don't they?

Funny part is, I bet you every politician engages in some sort of "hypnotic" technique to capture the attention of people.

It's called being a politician.


:m146: I loled at this comment

Bush may not have been the best speaker, he might have been nervous sometimes or something, but at certain times he can be an amazing speaker. An example would be the 911 speech, if you watch it (though to me it makes me really sad that all those people died and angry at terrorists therefore I, personally, wouldn't watch it), he was simply amazing!
The point of public speaking is to get people to believe you and trust you. Sounds like Obama is doing just that. Good for him. The response to persuasive public speaking is the ability to think critically. Too bad many USA citizens - and others! - have decided that critical thinking isn't as important as it used to be...

EDIT: But still - that's creepy!