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Now, can somebody type me?


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Jan 11, 2009
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9w8 sp/sx
So far all I know is I am intuitive. And most likely introverted. I have the propensity to be ridiculously social (though usually, I'm silent.) and I love being surrounded by people whether or not I'm interacting with them. (I have a Jeckyll and Hyde thing going on where everyone annoys me and captivates me simultaneously.)

Yet, I often have the frantic urge to get away from them after extended periods to "think my own thoughts."

Not sure whether I'm NF or NT.

NF is apparent as I am probably excessively idealistic and introspective.
NT is apparent in the empathis I put on knowledge and competence for myself and anyone I'm considering respecting.

*I hope Von Hase sees this thread.
I still think you are INFP, you have the most tendancies of that type. I think you just have the capabillity to use all of the functions depending on the situation you are in; you are adaptable.
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I like you. That's your type, and nothing else matters.
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I agree with Slant The Masturbator. You're a snugglebunny, that's all that counts.
*piles on the love fest* *hugs*
You realize I'm madly and platonically in lurve with you, don't you?.. Sometimes I think you're an NT though... but only because you're clever and I have no idea what I'm talking about. One of these days I'm going to learn about this mbti jazz. But I think I'm going to learn Japanese first. Yes that was random, would you have me be any other way?
I would not. Let me just say the mad platonic love is mutual.
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yeah hahahaah if you were an INTP I would know
and already have you locked away in a precious chinese box
I've considered INTP, but I'm not uncomfortable with emotions or other people's emotions.
The functions are not absolute, and if you're having trouble determining your type it is probably because you have developed many, if not all, of them.

Don't worry too much about putting yourself in a box. Boxes are for squares.
Regarding functions, which are ones you find most comfortable?
ENTP, duh.

No, I think you're an INFP.
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Don't worry too much about putting yourself in a box. Boxes are for squares.

But but but, boxes are awesome, you figure out things that way!

*hoards and labels boxes*
Indigo, I should add that your usage of the semi-colon in your first reply made me smile.
Haha, it is the truth though. Depending in the situation you place yourself in, or are placed in. Determines really what function you would use first. I do believe that Fi is your highest used, and is always at the forefront of things. However, say you are stuck in a group meeting for a project or something. You would piggyback another function seemingly unrelated to Fi right on top of it. This would make it very hard for you to sort out your type because of a "fusion" of function, and Fi's inate nature of being hard to sort. Quinlan also proves this, and from what vonhase has said, Fi makes things diffucalt to sort out.