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My take on Ni (experience, and its archetypes)

Discussion in 'The INFJ Typology' started by ThinkingHippie, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Dec 21, 2020
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    I consider myself challenged to write everything that is hard to explain. Ni is not exception to this. I think i have it, but even if i don't have it as dom, i'm temped to share what (i think) are my observations so far. Note that most things i say are based on myself.

    To me saying that Ni is focused on the future and predicting it would be an over-simplification. To me Ni comes in many archetypes, but one of them is definitely a 'guide' archetype. Wherever i go, i feel like some 'force' is guiding me, and i can rely on this 'feeling' alone and end up somewhere, and it feels like i don't even need to think, like it's automatic.

    Another main characteristic of this function (to me) is that the core of it is not verbal. In fact, most of the time, i feel like i have to translate my thoughts into words rather than just externalize them. So talking tends to be harder than you'd think for me.

    The other archetype of Ni is 'tunnel vision' in my opinion. This is how Ni differs from Ne. Ni tends to self-identify with their ideas, then try to organize them and seek clarity, then believe in them with every fiber of their body, sometimes excluding everything else. This is what they call hyper-focus. People don't realize Ni doms tend to be obsessive about their ideas.

    There's another aspect of Ni. It's a hazy and dreamy process. But the ending of it is clarity. I have no idea how i got to the destination in my head that i got to. But i am almost sure of it, because it's crystal clear, and based on extremely thorough contemplation. Usually the ending of it also releases a certain feeling.

    And the last main part of Ni that i'd like to mention is that, for Ni doms especially, the world tends to be full of special meanings with special significance, and they tend to pick experiences that seem like there's more to them, then analyze them and try to reach a useful conclusion. This is the 'teacher' archetype of Ni. It can even go to the past and try to pick experiences that seem significant and then try to find the introspective value of them and meaning. Even a single sentence someone said could be unusually valuable. Even a benign experience can have a special significance to the person.

    What do you people think?

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