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  1. ThinkingHippie

    My take on Ni (experience, and its archetypes)

    I consider myself challenged to write everything that is hard to explain. Ni is not exception to this. I think i have it, but even if i don't have it as dom, i'm temped to share what (i think) are my observations so far. Note that most things i say are based on myself. To me saying that Ni is...
  2. Sandie33

    Archetypes and function analysis using cross-axis mapping

    Hi- I am an INFJ and using Archetypal labeling I am trying to create a model from a cross-axis map to aid in understanding the complexities of the 8 cognitive functions and how they move up and down and left to right within the axis, (see picture below), depending on Ego submission or deference...
  3. jyrffw54

    INFJ Archetypes

    I found this article a wonderful read, especially in reference to how the functions interact with each other.