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introverted intuition

  1. Homura

    Ni and Ti observations

    As an INTJ, while speaking with others, I have realised that I tend to worry a lot about possible future negative outcomes. Each time I speak with someone about a certain plan that I must complete, I start envisioning, in a very vivid way, as if I were rendering it, a simulation of myself going...
  2. ThinkingHippie

    My take on Ni (experience, and its archetypes)

    I consider myself challenged to write everything that is hard to explain. Ni is not exception to this. I think i have it, but even if i don't have it as dom, i'm temped to share what (i think) are my observations so far. Note that most things i say are based on myself. To me saying that Ni is...
  3. lordsharp

    [INFJ] Do INFJs with average IQ exist?

    As written above, is it possible to have an average while being dominated by Introverted Intuition? Are here any INFJ with IQ in average range?
  4. YourFavoriteNightmare

    Ni and "Sleeping on It"

    "Since Ni is a Perceiving function, INJs often report that its workings often feel effortless. When INJs express the need to “think about” something, this means something very different from what it might for other types. Namely, the lion’s share of INJs’ “thinking” or cognitive processing...
  5. 977neon

    My Essence and Ni

    This is my first post so please bare with me if I made any mistakes. I remember when I was a kid. I created that inner world, literally, a world with a futuristic city and a forest somewhere with a never-ending autumn season. It was and still is very precious to me. I always dreamed of...