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My friend abruptly...

So basically I talked to her and she said she doesn't want to be friends anymore without much of an explanation.

It wasn't that I was smothering her apparently I am the cause of a lot of stress for her.

What a bitch...

It's not like she is exactly a relaxing friend to have.

She doesn't deserve me.

I am sad I really did love her :m142:

I know an "INFJ" (although I think she was an INFP) that essentially said the same thing. My theory is that she is bipolar, and a bitch to boot. It hurt for about a week, and then I realized I was much better off without her.

Her name wouldn't start with a "K" by chance would it? "K" for Krazy har har...
Originally Posted by slant
"... give her the option not to talk."

I love this quote.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be taken down and used in evidence against you...
In Australia, there is not a right to remain silent, legally that is.

Since when? Can you link me to something which confirms that?

edit: from Wikipedia

Australia has no constitutional protection for the right to silence, but it is broadly recognised by State and Federal Crimes Acts and Codes and is regarded by the courts as an important common law right. In general, criminal suspects in Australia have the right to refuse to answer questions posed to them by police before trial and to refuse to give evidence at trial. As a general rule judges cannot direct juries to draw adverse inferences from a defendant's silence (Petty v R) but there are exceptions to this rule, most notably in cases which rely entirely on circumstantial evidence which it is only possible for the defendant to testify about (Weissensteiner v ). The right does not apply to corporations (EPA v Caltex).
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