[PAX] Modern Physics and Ancient Faith by Stephen Barr


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I randomly stumbled across it at the library a few weeks ago and just finished it. I think it's an excellent book.

And no, I don't want this to turn into another pointless 'debate' thread, we have enough of those as it is; I just thought I'd recommend it to anyone who might be interested.
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Glad you enjoyed the book. I suspect all truth is connected at some point out there....although it's intrinsic diversity and immense complexity is still enough to thoroughly boggle the mind. Just because some things are simple doesn't mean they are simplistic.
Why do you like it?
It's really in-depth with both the scientific stuff and philosophical implications, but in a way that people who aren't experts on either can understand. I also like how he explains things from both points of view from a very level perspective (in other words, not preachy), which I imagine doesn't happen too often with this sort of thing. It also clears up misconceptions about the relationship between science and religion, both currently and in the past.
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This sound like something that would be right up my alley.

It's kinda funny. My dad has told me since I was a little kid "Pietey, when you get to higher level physics and chemistry classes in highschool and college, all of your stupid spiritual beliefs are going to go away" (because he does not accept what I believe spiritually). Now that I am there, all of these upper level classes have reinforced what I believe in. haha.
Thanks for sharing, I may have to pick it up. I'm currently doing a research paper on Descartes and I'm having a hard time understanding his ideals but I'm not a philosopher or scientist and his stuff isn't spelled out simply for me to understand.