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Minerva, Uni, Jupiter? Roman Gods?


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May 20, 2009
Does Anyone Have Any info or just anything about these supposedly roman gods?

Theres So Much I Want To know about them But theres SO much damn history on them, I wish I Could just have someone else explain it all to me.

So Anyone?...Anyone?

Anything even opinons would be nice:m107::m178:
Well, I know Jupiter coincides with the Greek god Jupiter and Minerva with Athena. I'm not so sure about Uni, though...
Hmm... I'm more well versed in Greek mythos, but unless I'm mistaken Minerva is the Roman name for Athena, and Jupiter is Zeus. NO idea on Uni though.

If they are simply different names for the same gods, I can toss in a bit, but there may need to be a bit of research on whether the mythology behind the figures differs or not.

Minerva/Athena - According to Greek mythology, she is the Goddess of wisdom who sprung forth from the forehead of Jupiter/Zeus. She was responsible for bringing forth the Olive tree to Thebes, and was pretty much a badass in combat as well.

Jupiter/Zeus - The "pimp" of all of the mythos, and the head of the table in the Olympus dining hall. As the king of the Gods, he was of course ridiculously powerful, having imprisoned the Titans who were the previous gods in Tartarus, and chucking lightning at anything that pissed him off. He was also... promiscuous, to put it lightly, and got down with just about anything that resembled a women and in a number of forms, even as obscure as a bull or a 'golden shower'. This of course got the Mrs. a tad jealous, which is why many of those stories don't end happily for the girl in question. Due to his... ventures... he was also the father of many gods and demi-god figures, from the aforementioned Minerva/Athena, to the Disney-endorsed Heracles.

My thoughts? From everything I read, Minerva/Athena was pretty much awesome, just trying to do what she felt was right, and showing up the other gods in wit.

Jupiter/Zeus was lucky that he didn't suffer the same fate as his father though (which in turn brought forth Venus/Aphrodite), considering how much I'm sure Juno(?)/Hera ended up wanting to kick his ass for sleeping around so much.

So yeah, all Greek-based, but I hope it helps somewhat?
Also, Athena was a virgin goddess, and Zeus ruled over Earth -- I tried looking up Uni, and something came up as Juno...I don't know if they're related, but it would make sense in context, since Jupiter, Minerva, and Juno were the big three in Roman mythology, I think.

Juno goes with Greek Hera, who was queen of the gods and married to Zeus...although they didn't quite get along a whole lot
Roman vs Greek:
(short) http://mistupid.com/mythology/
(longer) http://www.pantheon.org/miscellaneous/roman_vs_greek.html

Full Greek mythology with Roman comparison
---> http://www.theoi.com/ <---

Roman gods

Greek(Roman) with properties and attributes

Juno goes with Greek Hera, who was queen of the gods and married to Zeus...although they didn't quite get along a whole lot
Yep, because he was an avid cheater, among other things.
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ok thankyou all. umm Yes Uni was referred you as Juno When i heard of what im talking about.

But i see everyone else putting up vids...how do i post one?

I want people to see why i bring up this Thread. So we can chat about it.
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Yes! I did it! ok PLZ whoever has the time watch this...
I Wish to speak upon it with others from this site...

It is QUITE interesting...