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Make up the most absurd story possible!


Mar 16, 2010
I was talking to one of my uber buddies that I like, on msn, when they asked me to let my imagination run wild and tell the strangest story possible.

For today, here's what it gave.

Once upon a time, a piano fell on an island on Mars. The worms appreciated the gift from Sparta and decided it should be best to eat salmon with zebras.
However, as a pink elephant met a blue rhyno, the balance of the world was soon to collapse, which would mean that bunnies shall rise again.
Lemon juice was served to the armies of amoebas so that they could fight it off against the great plankton. Their lifetime war was over who had the right to claim the brownie recipe as theirs.
Despite all odds, a purple tiger was born. bunnies were soon to take over the world.
As it was not enough, a human purchased a doner kebab with seafood.
Therefore, McDonald's had realized their ultimate purpose: create an association for the preservation of soap.
The kiwis, revolted, decided it was best to walk towards Uranus and bring a Coca Cola bottle that contained the secret to make blue wheat grow on Jupiter.
Since shit happens, Bob Marley became president of the United States.
Bob was known for being hostile towards lemurians so he had to take this drastic measure: engage an army of possums to build roads on the moon.
A mistake, though, was that a possum fell in love with an abandoned goldfish. As a matter of fact, a huge rainbow appeared over the moon...
Mushrooms grew on every parcel of concrete on Earth, which started a new era of architecture.
As Archimedes went against Eva Peron in a battle of breakdancing, the Grand Sea of Skittle appeared instead of Antarctica.

Feel free to create your own story or to complete this one... As long as it has no real logic. X3

Disclaimer: I don't smoke drugs or drink.
:m146:ROFL!! This reminds me of Mad Libs on steroids...
"My friend called me the other day and asked if I'd like to come over to boil some oil. Well, I can never turn down a boiling oil party so I jumped at the chance.

When I got there the party was in full swing with drunken monkeys in chef hats stirring the pots of oil.

Everyone was happy and loved what the boiling oil did to the air. It was intoxicating and refreshing.

The party really got started when the monkeys began throwing bananas into the boiling oil. Everyone was giddy with delight over the great feelings when they'd get splashed.

It was a great night and I can hardly wait for the next boiling oil party!"

The End
Once there was this INFJ person who was extroverted, sensing, thinking and perceptive. The end.
Frumious Day

Frumious Day

"Catsup", though the frumious Bandersnatch. "People just never tip in Catsup anymore!" It wasn't like people didn't know how much Bandersnatches loved the stuff. It was a well chronicled fact that there was nothing so precious in all the Bandersnatchian world as Ketchup! Just because there are so few of us now, doesn't give people the right to be rude, to ignore us. "Hump", he chortled. No wonder he was so frumious!

He thought of all the useful and beautiful things he could do with his Catsup as the went about his bathroom attendant duties. Didn
A friend of mine mistakenly placed honey in her hair. I suggested to her to run outside to attract the bees. She concurred.

The bees flew to her at once, taking strands of her hair to weave a new reality. Her hair, oddly compatible with the honey, became the life source for the bees. Humans, being problematic as they are, had to be dealt with, thus the bees altered her hair to produce stingers at the ends. Upon infection, the humans became drones of the new empire.

This is how she became God.
Exhaspterated with what I had seen I called out for my husband, "Honey! The grass is too green, please cut it today! The neighbours aren't probably talking about us!"

He scwumbled, "OK, I'll cut the grass if you trim my twensters!"

I begrudging replied, "I guess so, especially because it's Grambcuous Day."

I went outside and squinted at the blue sun and shouted to my husband, "Better hurry, looks like it's going to sparnt pretty soon!"

I went inside and lounged on a dismeiter chuckling to myself at the trick I had played on my husband. The grass wasn't even close to being inbendeg!!
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess, who had very ugly pauper parents. She used to get dressed up all sexy, but not-too-sexy to visit her brother, who had been turned into a frog by her beloved fairy godfather. On one of these visits to the pond, our beautiful princess, whose melodic name was Brunhildagrott, met a very cross boy-faced elf who had gotten his long white beard caught in a log. Brunhildagrott tried to help the cross elf, but every time she gouged him in the ribs, he would try to get his travelling companions to carry her off.

Eventually Brunhildagrott, weary with the smoke, which hung over her home planet since the droid invasion, retired to a quiet ledge to practice her light-sabre skills. Her brother, who had been circling above saw her moves and realised that she had been turned to the dark side. Distressed, he approached her from behind, tensing his venom glands in case there might be mosquitos in the area. Finally he reached the hem of her long, delicate lace dress and as soon as he had touched it, realised that this being wasn't really his sister. From that moment on he adopted the name Flow, which in the ancient languages means "managed fund insurance." Upon receiving news of this, the angry elf changed his mind and turned his life around and began a farm for disowned cats, where the dignity and value of all droids was also promoted, as a secondary objective, through closed-door discussions.

The moral of this story is that even mosquitos help build a better health-care system.
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