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Majoring in CS


Aug 22, 2008
I'm thinking of majoring in Computer Science in college, but it seems like all these personality tests say I'd be better with a social worker job or something...

I think CS kinda suits me. I like computers, I get to use my over-active imagination in solving problems, I can work by myself, and if my programs get out there I can "influence the world." :mrgreen:
Well, what you know of yourself is more important than what people write about types, so go for it if you feel it's what you would enjoy ;)
I thought about being a computer graphic artist for a while (but then I went to applied art school and hated it :twisted: )

Personally I would never work in a social field. Most infjs are probably very good at that sort of job, but it doesn't mean that it's the career best suited to all of us :geek:
I am half-way though a degree in Computer Science. I like it but I don't want to make a career out of it. Although I like the style of problem solving, I don't think it really challenged my imagination at all. Besides I like people too much.
I'm majoring in Game and Simulation Programming and love to program (despite being an INFJ).

Although, the Game Design part I like better, probably due to my personality type.

Essentially, I can't see myself doing something that does not have a product of some kind at the end of the day. (kind of opposite of my personality type.)
I thought for years I wanted to be in CS. But then I got some experience in the field, and realized that while I love it as a hobby, I'd hate programming if I had to do it as a job. But kudos to you!
Personality tests are one thing, but you know yourself better the anyone else. Always follow what you feel is right, particularry with your career. I can't picture anyone following a career path that felt wrong to them just because "it is said that you are the kind of person who is supposed to do this." Do what feels right.

I mean, I subvert the expectations of INFJ career paths. I am majoring chemistry. I am simply in love with chemistry, and would hate to be involved with social work.
Don't listen to what tests tell you to do. They may help a little bit but really, do what you love, no matter what you are told!
I was even fighting with my parents when I was deciding my major because I wanted to be a zoologist and just do a minor in comp sci (I love programming). I guess I ended up majoring in comp sci anyways because of the school I chose, but still just go with what you have fun with, much better than going through life with something you don't really like (not necessarily dislike)