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  • Hey back!

    Yeah, I sorta took a vacation, then forgot to come back. I've only been back (somewhat) for a week or so now.

    Glad to see you back again!
    Haha yea I see why :D Ah nice at least you have a job, I applied for summerjobs but I didn't get one *sigh*.

    Wow nice one, your project seems to be big haha.

    Oh my, that is so wisely said. 'I have to be the right person to be with the right person.' It sort of is my thing too which is why I have to get things going you know. Dream it, list it, Do it! :D:D

    So similar to you this summer will be self-fullfilling and preparational for my future. I'm going to talk to my stepdad about comming to see him in USA, the problem though is that he just lost his father so he might want to be alone. Although my reasoning is what better way to deal with an elderly end than with youthfulness ^^

    I will do EVERYTHING to get there. Whether I die in the process or not haha, as long as it is on US soil, I'll be satisfied. ;);)
    Haha I'm sorry I never meant it as an insult xD You know its a part of my character :)

    Wow seems like you have great things going for you. I need a job too but its basically impossible to get one. So when is summer break for you ?

    My plans are to go to the gym regularly, have a good CV made as well as an acting resume and I plan to travel. Wherever that is I don't know but preferably towards the sun. Also, USA of course as I really miss my step father.

    Hopefully I will experience a summer love haha. ^^
    Hello little beauty, I am feeling a little drained today haha as I graduated yesterday. I smiled and had loads of fun but cried alot too (EVEN THE LOGICAL ONES DID :O) I'm really going to miss one of my teachers soo much and I realised that while I strive to fit in with the logical group I am allready perfectly loved for who I am with my group.

    For being 17 years old, I couldnt attend my graduation party... so I stood outside this fence and socialized. It was like I was in a prison even though I was 'outside' the fence. It was horrible but I am glad I made the best out of the age discrimination.

    How are you my dear, is life treating you fair?
    haha yea I'm on my way back up though so don't worry :) It's a new week and unfortunately I hate mondays but a new day will dawn ^^ I feel like I could not survive without knowing that I try to find the best possible way for me and everybody who deserves it :) Thanks for supporting me, you know that I have a great listening ear and I'll always be here if you need me <3
    nono haha don't get me wrong . Now I love to be affectionate, its what makes me, Me! But right now I'm at a low but still take on other peoples blues that make me even more down. Like I put it on myself, ow I would have percieved it, if I was them.
    Haha oh that is good to hear my dear. It sounds good that you are thinking in those terms, I really should stop obsessing about 'perfection' too. I often hear that I have to high expectations on myself. One day at the time though, take it easy and don't ride the high of life too hard because there may be a down as well. But dont be afraid, rather - be aware. :)

    Haha as you may notice my attitude is a little cynical, this is because I 'relapsed' into the bad side. Oh it really tares me apart to be so melodramatic and affectionate (don't let this affect you though) =)
    Hello dear darkstar. Life is going surpristingly good, I'm making it through the rain, I've got bangs now, I'm conquring the evil ones day by day and I'm unconsciously doing things that I usually don't dare to do. I'm not even sure how it turned around and what happened xD Although the other day, one of the logical 'enemies'/rivals was around me talking to another classmate about logic and blablabla. And I just reacted without thinking twice and said: You and your goddam logic, are you ever going to stop?

    I'm telling you darkstar things are comming around! haha and WOW you should have seen their baffled faces. The argumentation continued a little after but I seriously outdid myself and won the whole conversation :D:D

    sorry for rambling :p Enought about me, how are you my friend :)
    Well in turn many are cheered up as I was cheered up first indirectly haha. What about you dear darkstar? :) On a side note, I just want to say thank you for being so genuine and supportive. Alltogether, I cheered myself up but I wouldn't have made it without my therapist, one of the 'evil' T's. Furthermore, I have been released from my despair and it started in therapy session ^^ I think you will find it releaving too. If you wish to read it: therapy realization .
    So Darkstar did you actually visit my real blog?Thank you, really, it tells me something emotionally somehow. It is like a journal in an artform that mediates my emotions and me. So the fact that you visited it means alot :)
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