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Is it just me...


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Sep 22, 2008
Is it just me or do other INFJ types have alot going on there head at the same time.

Do people spend alot of time going over what might happen if you this or oh wait what if I tweak it a little bit.

Also, do people just get so overwhelmed they just need a walk by yourself maybe listening to your favorite music?

Another thing is do you guys feel like when someone's sad its your fault because I feel that way constantly.
Hmm, I can relate to the first three for sure. Last one is prolly more of an INFJ thing.
A resounding yes to the first three. As to the fourth I've learned to wean myself away from this for the most part but I did battle with it for a long time.
Okay well I'm only a Freshmen in high school so lets hope I can get over it.
Oh ya to all of them. You need to learn to turn off your inner judge and just be who you are! No matter what you do not everyone will like you. And think of it how many times have you met an INFJ? Your way of thinking is unique to yourself and us. Don't let others get ya down life is too short... Find a hobby you can do by yourself so you have a place to turn your head off and relax...
I'll try to get a hobby. Right now all I do is go for walks but since I just moved up north to Canada I'm not sure what will happen when the snow falls.
When it snows....pick your self up a pair of skis or snowshoes!

As for internal dialogue...Yup, always on, always running. And I come up with the weirdest stuff.

I usually get way too caught up in a pro's and con's self debate. I'm more likely to think and think and think than I am to ever act. Which is why I rely a lot on my spouses jump first, then think attitude to get things started. Although I wish at a lot of times he would wait just a bit longer before he committed me to stuff....After all, things work best when we work as a team.

As for personal time and getting away. For me, it is a definate physical and emotional necessity to withdraw and close up every once in a while. Or, I should say that the need to get away is in proportion tothe amount of time I've been in a stressful situation. The longer I am in a stressful environment and with stressful people the longer I am going to have to detox so to speak, or the more isolated I am going to make myself (I.E. I am locking the door to my room. Do not disturb except in case of fire. In case of fire, slide a note under the door informing me of fire.) And if there isn't a detox period, eventually I end up getting sick.
freshman in high school? does that mean year 8?

Nope 9th grade.

I'm actually in stupid middle school because Nova Scotia is weird but I figured it would be easier to say freshmen so people would know what I'm talking about.
ah, k...

In Australia we have:
Primary school,
Years 1- 7 (primary school),
Years 8 - 12 (high school),
University or Trade School (TAFE).

Hence my confusion.
I usually get way too caught up in a pro's and con's self debate. I'm more likely to think and think and think than I am to ever act.

Yup, same. My thoughts spent almost the whole day entangled in all the things that could go wrong if I attended a party I was invited to. Even though I wanted to challenge my comfort zone and weighed up the pros of that... after a long internal debate I managed to chicken out in the end because I'd magnified the anxiety and exhausted all potential party energy.
I keep laughing out loud to my own internal dialogue-it's really awkward when other people are around!
Makes it ultra funny when I'm at work. Yup. That crazy nurse who laughs to herself all the time . . . oy vay!