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Is he interested in me?


Sep 15, 2008
Hi to all INFJs out there!

I will begin saying that I love you all INFJs! You're truly amazing; but you are sooo private that sometimes I cannot understand INFJs at all. :Cry:
That's why I'm here: I need to know if this INFJ is interested in me.

Some days ago I met him, an INFJ as far as I know, in a little meeting with my friends. I didn't knew him, he is a friend of my best friend.
On the course of the night, I found myself looking at him almost constantly... I think I'm really interested in him.
But, thing is... nearly all the times I looked at his eyes, I found he looking back at me! I'm not really used to this type of thing, so I was so embarrassed. :fear:
I know it's just too little information to get into conclusions; so I will just ask this:
Do you look into the eyes of everyone always or is it something you only do when you are interested in that person?

I do it out of habit actually, whenever I see someone stare I always stare back at the eyes.
I'm the opposite. Whenever someone catches me staring at them, I look away.

Although, if I really like someone, then I might stare at them unconsciously. Or so I've been told.
Aww, you INFJs are soo cute.

I'm sorry but you are :D
I'd say he's interested :smile:
What's your type?
Aww, you INFJs are soo cute.

I'm sorry but you are :D
hehe, I know. ;)
I'd say he's interested :smile:
Agreed. That kind of thing only happens when I'm interested in a girl. It gets to the point where any time I get eye contact with her, I find it nearly impossible to break it (not that I'd want to, of course, but you know....).

Nobody's ever been interested in me, though....*sigh*
Sometimes I stare unconsciously back at them to, as someone else also mentioned. I'm like getting into this amazing world of my own, and my extreme vulnerability and great confidence walks hand in hand with each other in this moment. At the same time I feel I could do anything for the person that watches me like she REALLY likes me, I am in a vulnerable state and feel that my heart could brake at any moment.

I would guess he likes you VERY much if he stares at you =)
i know that i may not get another reply but hey, here i go

I usually do the eye thing when im sorrounded by a bunch of people, it somehow discourages me, i try (this INFJ try=sux)
if I am with only a few people, that aren't very intrusive, I start of a conversation, I'm actually pretty good at it, but it's not as natural as an E, so when one of those come in im ruined :bump2:

anyway, a good sign, just give the guy a chance :party:
EDIT: im curious, how did u realize(or assume) he is an INFJ, most people have a hard time typing us even after several weeks/months
If he keeps looking at you, then I'd say he's probably interested. It's rather hard to say, though, because when someone stares at me I look back at them. It's more reflex than anything.

Nobody's ever been interested in me, though....*sigh*

Unless you are a complete social moron, you might be surprised at the number of girls who have been attracted to you. Don't stare at them, though. I would think it might come across as creepy.

I used to think the same thing, but if they didn't come out of the woodwork at a later date (one admitted to me while we were drunk; "I used to have a really big crush on you") then I figured it out on reflection. I've mentally kicked myself a good number of times for screwing up a potential relationship... or at least fuck buddy. That probably doesn't come across as very INFJ of me, but there is a point at which I just quit caring so much about finding the "perfect" relationship. I think it's after I had my first (and last) serious girlfriend.

I recently had a [formerly] close friend ask me if I loved her. That was bizarre on so many levels.
He might like you. I always tend to catch people looking at me because I just get this weird feeling over it. I tend to look at people without realizing because I'm trying to think about how special they are.