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Intuitive Religious Figures


Right the First Time!
Jun 12, 2008
I was wondering is it possible that a lot of the Prophets, Saints and Oracles of the past were Intuitives? more specifically Ni dominants?

To people who don't really use it, intuition can seem sort of magical (or miraculous), correct conclusions that are made out of nowhere would be quite shocking for most people back then. Before Jung's work, could it be possible that the intuitives themselves understood and thought of their intuition as some sort of divine inspiration, a link to god?

Saints, Prophets and Oracles are all known for making or suggesting radical changes in society, being aware of the future and the big picture and "just knowing" things. Introverted Intuitives are also known for those things.
Very possible, and even likely.

Of course, who is to say that Ni isn't divine inspiration. :angel:
Maybe the Sexist/homophobe/sadist god has a direct link to your brain?:jaw:
Maybe the Sexist/homophobe/sadist god has a direct link to your brain?:jaw:
Or maybe God has had a link to the brains of sexist/homophobic/sadistic people. :pray2:
So how do you go about getting plugged into the Ni matrix?
Hah! That should've been the tagline on the Logos, INFJ Forum: The Chosen Ones...
Because we can connect the world around us, to figure out what's going to happen. Predicting accurately the future.
But Ni would seem more mysterious to the common folk don't you think? at least Ne uses external inputs that people could possibly recognise.