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INFJs and Violence

Me too! I used to daydream about shooting the class when I was about 11. Mainly aimed towards the people who bullied me. I'm not sure how that would be viewed or acted upon from psychological/psychiatric point of view, all I know is that, I'm not a serial killer, so it must be a natural thing. I need to do more research in this stuff! This thread has re-sparked my interest!

Bingo, I had violent tendencies as well, never about shooting people, but mostly about beating the hell out of them when they let me down or got in my way. Or worse if they even attempted to bully me, that happened my 1st day of 3rd grade and I hit him with a stapler in the face.
I've never been bullied and I've never been physically threatened myself.

The only time I've been in a fight was when my friend got jumped by a couple guys when we were in high school.