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INFJs and stressing over little things

I have an incessant sense of an anxiety. I get stressed when I feel I'm coming up to something that I cannot possibly overcome- which is mostly very worrying social situations.
I get stressed by loud, boring people, laziness, not seeing close true friends, people who say they are going to do something then fail to follow through.

I also get stressed over what others would perceive as absolute nonsense. All of the things you listed also stress me out. In addition to those I also get stressed out over not having my whole life planned at any given point. My Ni forces me to envision what I'll be doing 20 years from now. I then stress out over what direction I'm going to take to get there...:m080:
1. People bugging me about spilling stuff or honest mistakes. Sometimes accidents can't be prevented
2. Amusia...:m077:
3. People touching hair and knees (something in my brain goes loco)
4. People putting others down for the sake of comedy...
5. Stupid questions. I'm not talking about the honestly-I-don't-know questions...the ones where people could think about it for like 6 seconds and figure it out, or wait for the teacher to actually carry on with his lecture instead of rudely interrupting it.
6. That look people give you when they see you doing something strange as if to say "Wow, what a noob". It disgusts me.

Why does it bother you when people touch their hair. I touch my hair to get it out of my face.

As for number 4, my friends and I do this all the time jokingly.

For number 5 when people always ask "what if..." and give something unreasonable happening, that's pretty annoying.

For everything else, I couldn't agree more.

My stressors:

1.) People taking forever to pay at the cashier and still taking forever to put their change in their purse(bugs me, bugs me alot)
2.) People talking loudly while trying to concentrate and having no consideration for others.
3.) Having to defend my point of view. I know exactly what my point is, the real trouble is explaining it to people.
4.) People being slow,acting slow,eating get my point LOL
5.)Having everything due in one day because I procastinated.
6.) Babies crying
7.) Someone needing help and nobody giving a shit.
8.) Loud noices and loud people

Really for number one? lol I take a sommewhat long time (I need to get a decent wallet) because I'm kind of clumsy, especially when it comes to my hands.

Definitely for number 2! When I'm taking a test, I need absolute focus but then all of a sudden I hear this loud noise, then the answer I had in my mind went away.

For number four, I am pretty slow lol. Slow at getting jokes, learning, directions, driving, etc.

I can be loud sometimes LIKE THIS!!!!

I guess I cause a lot of stress to people, oh well, I make up for it :D

I hope O.O
Ugh, well, I've been prescribed stomach medicine due to stress XD I knew that was coming.

At the moment I'm stressing over whether I should buy a bass guitar or not. I've always wanted to but I can't think of a valid reason to buy it at the moment....
(Jeez, why can't I just think 'it'll be fun!' or something =.=")

Other than that, I get stressed out by disorganisation, such as the incident that occurred yesterday when I wasn't told to pick up any food for a barbecue until half and hour before the bus was due to arrive, so I had to run there =.= I panicked so much that I almost tripped over several times and got stepped on.
I stress whenever I'm not occupied with something. Having nothing to do really bothers me for some reason :\
I've been working on my stress issues for a couple of years now, and it's been helping. I tend to stress over a lot of things (and usually things that I cause myself), and when my friends get stressed, I tend to feed off their stress and get stressed myself :/