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INFJ environmental sensitivity


Mar 17, 2009
I've been wanting to put some thoughts I've formed stemming from careful observations made over the past several years regarding INFJ and (at least very initial) responses to their environment, whether at work, school, the supermarket, or on passenger airlines--this is what I've noticed:

Firstly, I get the sense that most INFJ are very sensitive and therefore very aware of their environments. To clarify, this isn't to say that INFJ are the only ones to fall into this category; it's to say that the vast majority that I've at least been in the same room with (at the very least) who are very aware are also people that I've typed INFJ. I've received similar sensations around people of my type, but have already stated my tentative conclusion above--so that goes out the window for now. Besides, this is an INFJ forum!

I say "in the same room" because, around these particular individuals, it seems that there is more echo-location being utilized than the first 5 senses. If you can, imagine yourself a dolphin for a few seconds. You're maneuvering a forest of seaweed, cackling in this and that direction with your muzzle, looking to gobble a lick of munchies. For the most part, there's just seaweed. But sometimes you receive some strange signals, strange in the sense that the source from which they bounced is moving but also still. Back and forth you jet, trying to splotch a more accurate picture of this object - a picture which can't be completed this way alone. This makes you feel both quite confused and intrigued. "Seaweed, food, or other dolphins?"

Lastly, and on a smaller scale - I want to shortly remark on how INFJ (particularly the Socionics intuitive subtype) react to (particularly sudden) changes around them and how much they differ from how my type generally reacts to stimuli. I could use many examples, but in the interest of time, say for instance I am looking "past" an INFJ, as he or she is with me. Everything is calm until I quickly lift my arm up, reach into my shirt pocket for a pen, and furiously begin writing something important on my hand. The moment my hand juts up to my pocket, I receive a direct glance. For some reason, he or she feels inclinded to break the stare and turn the head to face mine (this is not nearly as observable in the ethical subtype), though I have not done the same. I find this remarkable somehow.

With this thread I figure that if anyone knows or can tell me what I'm talking about, it's this forum. What have I've written?
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I have no idea what you are trying to say here.

Your Pness is showing.

*giggles* I kid. But I have no idea what your question is, honestly.
Yeah, this goes all over the place. I am having a hard time sorting out what you are trying to get at.
I think he's talking about INFJ's being more aware of their surroundings. Picking out movements of others more easily than other types? If that's what the topic is then I'm not sure about it. I think the only reason I easily notice changes in my surroundings is due to about 11 years of martial arts training.

What have I've written?
:m075:Maybe lack of sleep is getting to you? It is pretty late after all.(Unless you're in Europe where it's morning)
If he is asking about our environmental awareness, I am both extremely aware, and extremely unaware at the same time. I will notice people around me, get feelings about them, notice subtal ques that people will miss entirely. Yet when I talk to my friends, they show me how much around me I am missing, usually because I am so wrapped up in my head.
The INFJ would then be more attentive to these cues, picking up a sudden movement and then directing his attention to things which surround the movement?

In other words, the INFJ would be more inclined to use his peripherals to gauge what that person is doing in relation to what it is?

Is this what you are trying to say?
Well I can't speak for others, but can strongly identify with what you are saying candaylandjoe.

I seem to have an automatic sub-awareness of background noise, while talking on the phone or in person. Even when I'm alone, it still occurs. I find background noise, especially human voices very distracting if i cannot quite make out the conversation. I notice my mind trying to guess words or mood of the distant voices based on intonation and volume changes, but its an annoying habit. This also extends to non audible vibration such as that from engines, whether in a car or in a boat or aircraft. I can sometimes guess quite accurately the size of a room that someone is in (or the type of construction) on the other end of the phone, if the line is clear enough, which of course most people can probably do to some extent, but as you point out there is a heightened awareness of such irrelevant information in my mind. I put it down to an exagerrated 'threat' awareness, due to a generally anxious nature that I have when I don't feel in control of a situation, which in practicality is 99% of the time. Iv'e never been called a control freak, but I think I may have a repressed potential to be one! Fortuately for the world I dont have much power over others as yet...*muahaha*

Visually I tend to focus more on my immediate surroundings, but yet again find background movement a bit distracting to some extent. Though its a diminished awareness compared to the auditory one.
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Oh man, I confused a few of you with my knotted letter wrap. I sort of half-set out to make some sense, to reach at least once person maybe.

For so long I've wanted to put down how fun/easy it is to tell the difference between our two types in reality, and here it is in all of its Little Boy glory. I just find all the discussion about the differences so amusing!
I'm with Mux, I am always highly aware of background noise to the point that it's hard to juggle back and forth before my brain maxes out. I seem to keep track of all the sounds that I've heard (I have lots of J) the same way I record people's movements, even subtle and inconsequential ones. I find myself asking "why" about everything I hear and see, and jump to quick conclusions, then am puzzled when the outcome doesn't fit with what I thought would happen. I wish I didn't analyze so much, it gets exhausting! On the other hand I feel that life is richer because I'm always looking for hidden meanings and possible's far from living life on the surface of things.
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