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  • haha!! :D
    Hiyah!, and thanks!

    well, to be honest.. i am very selective with who i let visit me... lol...

    very few, actually.... these days anyway...
    to be perfectly honest....
    on a regular basis... i hang out with about 5 people.. tops. ( and thats pushing it) lol...

    but, friends from other states,
    do come and visit from time to time...
    not very often though, as the distance is pretty far from them to I.

    it is a nice location though..
    why were you wondering?
    are you close or something?
    were you thinking about dropping in to say ello? haha :p

    really though..... should we become friends.. (i dont see why not?):?... lol

    then feel free to visit anytime you wish...
    i make an exception for (most) INFJ's... haha.

    Dont seem to be too many around here. lol

    Thanks for the message. :)

    Have a good night, Love n Bless
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