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INFJ Book Club - Week Two


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Jul 11, 2008
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Welcome to week two of Lord Fouls Bane, the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

Our goal this week is to read to Chapter 13

As you read here are some questions to ponder.

since we have all gotten through chapter seven, and are angry at the main Character. I wanted to add some other questions to ponder...

Do you think he is justified in being angry?

How do you see him now?

Do you think Atiaran should have killed him for his misdeed?

Do you like the Main Character?

What type do you think The main Character is.

Can you type any of the others?
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So far all I am feeling is a great sense of foreboding...It is different from the first bit we read...I was tossed around emotionally...this is definitely different.
Just bumping this so everyone sees it...
Its becoming a journey now.

I'm trying to understand why Lena's mother is behaving as she does. And while I'm happy that Thomas is experiencing some relief, I'm feeling sick at my relief for him. Why does she turn around and start treating him with respect after speaking with the Wood people? What could they have said that wouldn't make him a monster? I have a theory about perhaps a Raver having taken over him, but I donno. That seems too convenient.

This Donaldson guy is compounding confusions. I like that he makes the environment increasingly confusing, but I'm still reeling from chapter 7's conclusion.
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how is everyone doing? Coming alone well in the reading?
Still good - I'm on ch.9 or so, but tax season put me behind. Had to do mine and my mothers'.
Great! Glad to hear it! I am nearly done with chapter 12...

Edit: Just to recap. we are reading chapters 8-12 this week.
Next week we will read chapters 13-16
Then 17-21
then 21 to finish
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Nearing the end of Ch 11.
just finished this weeks reading gonna post a quick response on my phone, then I'm off to bed. More detailed feelings later.

I was thrilled to finallyreach the keep, and anxious for what's to come. I again found myself pitying covenent...:-/ I was upset when atiarian left the journey. And I felt like covenents friendship with the giant was wrong some how...covenent should be more honest maybe?
Because we are past Sunday, I'll skip the spoiler tags, but before anyone reads further, I'm writing about up through yesterday's reading...

I got an odd sensation from this part of the book. I was relieved that Atiaran decided to abandom Thomas, but I was shocked at her reasoning. She put aside her hatred for what he did to her daughter, but could not forgive his lack of strength in fighting the Ur-Viles. It reminds me of a kind of Roman-era ethic. I do think she did the right thing by not killing him if he is important to the salvation of the land, but she doesn't have to want to help him. She just needs to.

I'm also confused by Thomas's need to continuously hold back on information. Maybe its because I've never been very guarded, but I thought it was odd that he didn't start to warm up to people or the land. Especially as it was healing him.

I felt for Thomas when he showed compassion for the giant. And I just don't understand why he isn't suffering more for what he did to Lena. He seems to have the ability to ignore it, and that makes me concerned that he is not a good person in general. My opinion right now is that either he has always been, or has become, a very self-centered individual. To some extent, fear of death or pain makes many people put there hope in others, but not him.

I'm going to type him as: INFP--A writer with strong Fi, which he is desperately trying to pin down in a cage within his mind so that he can survive his mortal depredation in his bodycage. He isn't an extrovert, and he is not a thinker. A thinker would be more committed to testing the Land for its reality. A T would be studying the patterns of the stars, the craters of the moon. Instead, he is obsessed with containing his feelings. But who can blame him for that?
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Sorry I haven't been participating guys, my book was meant to be here already. Just here to say that I'm still committed and can't wait to catch up. :)