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INFJ and Denial


Sep 18, 2009
Hello all

I just wondered if denial is a key defence mechanism in INFJ type personality?

Grateful for all viewpoints as I am trying to understand myself better.

Thx for your help.
Based on the INFJs I know Like yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

makes me horny just thinking about it.

Would you buy a tv for $20?
I, unequivocally, deny that I'm in denial!
For me it is. I deny things that I see as an obstical for me if I am really going for something. I eventually come to terms with it and address it, but I really resist and deny it at first for a very long time. It usually takes a smack in the back of the head to get me to acknowlage it.
No, I don't live in denial.

I do think that most humans do though. It isn't an INFJ specific thing. It is very common among all types of people.
It might be. I can personally attest to denial. Then again, maybe it's just perspective.

I wondered about a denial of self since Fi is low whereas Fe is high - thus the tendency to put others first beyond ourselves and our own needs which we may never register. Hope this makes sense.
I'm constantly finding myself in denial about things because I don't want to face up to them (I don't really like finding weaknesses since I generally feel the need to remain strong for people). But I do my best to catch myself on this and confront whatever it is I'm denying, in persuit of learning something about myself and improving. As a result, there's not much I deny anymore unless I see a very good reason for denying it.