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immortality through connection


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Jul 18, 2009
If there is an underlaying intelligence that is broadcasting into this realm, and its animating physical soup and matter into living conscious beings, and it changes and manipulates things via time and evolution then it stands to reason that this force is not yet at full strength, that it's learning and becoming more intelligent and cognizant of its own existence. I don't think that this force originates in the 3rd dimension, I think it originated in a greater more complex dimension that we are unable to understand, but it exists more then likely in all dimensions simultaneously.

So is it possible then, that as this force punches a hole in one dimension into another that it is somehow weakened or diminished from its efforts? That it fragments itself into lesser beings in order to reform itself into a greater being, that somehow at some root, we are all one, we are all stemming from the same life force? That when put here, into the world, into the physical realm, like hot white light beaming into a prism, this intellect is broken into different spectrums of intelligence? That it exists in this way to learn of itself, to see, smell, taste, touch and love itself? To know its own nature, to learn? In that way are humans merely brain neurons in a single head, connected, but independent and animated by the same force, the same body that feeds it life and resources to grow and attempt to understand? If that is so, then what a remarkable existence, I can no more distinguish myself from any man I meet on the street, for he is my flesh and blood, we share the same beating heart, even if we are not sharing the same physical body here in this time and place. That through circumstance, trial and chance we can meet and bond over things, 2 neurons rubbing together to create something bigger then the whole, is beautiful.

And though my shade of violet is different from his shade of red or yellow, we are all made of the same data and cosmic soup with the same ambitions and drive to learn and love. How many times I have seen my own smile reflected in the face of playing children, learning how to manipulate their environments, little seeds ready to spring into mighty oaks of consciousness, their deeds and feelings like spiraling tendrils reaching from one heart to the next, indeed, we are all connected, we are all the same spirit, the same soul spread across many bodies. And what then when these frail bodies die? I choose to believe that we reconnect the shards of ourself back into the cosmic intellectual pulse, where all the experiences and lessons we bring with us are shared, and all answers are known.
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beautifully worded and i couldn't agree more. i think we are all just part of the greater whole of existance, made from the same elements of everything else. it's inevitable we rejoin the source that allows us and everything else to be, the shared collective or essence of all that exists.

to see the difference in intellect between where we are right now as opposed to even as few as a hundred years ago, this shared collective is rapidly increasing. the average IQ actually grows in number over the years as the average intelligence of our species rises, but the number is adjusted to acomodate and thus stays the same. as important as it is for those ahead of the curve to blaze new paths and explore new avenues, the average are the true indicators of our evolution of understanding.

when compared to the 175 million years that dinosaurs walked the earth, the 245,000 years we've been here seems hardly significant, but in reality we are rapidly changing, like i said just look at the difference between 2010 and 1910, in one hundred short years, we (or the collective, however you wanna see it) have made giant steps in understanding. this progress gives me faith towards our future as a species and towards our small role in the essence of existance.