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How to train your dragon


defective wisdom
Aug 20, 2009
INFJ again
Anyone seen this movie??

It is so great, it is soooo INFJ :becky::becky::becky:

Its an animation film about vikings who kill dragons, only one problem, there is one boy who don't want to kill dragons. I think the boy is soo INFJ. So out of place, not following the crowd, not belonging but following his own mistery path that will lead to a better way

this really has to be on your "have to see" list. Better than Shrek and Ice Age in my opinion!
Yeah, it actually was a very well done movie. Tops my list of favorite animated movies.
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is closely followed by Jason and the Argonauts and Fanboys.
The animators at work have been going on about it, I might take my son to see it next week. I heard it is very good.
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i bootlegged
yeah i saw it a while ago, it was great :)