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How many of you talk to forum members outside of the Internet?


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Jun 8, 2008
How many of you have gotten to know people at this site and now contact them outside of the Internet?

I'm not talking about meet-ups or anything, but how many of you otherwise have the contact information of other members you talked to through this site, such as telephone number? You don't necessarily have to have met them in person.
None yet, I'd not mind doing business with a certain few though, yourself included.
None yet, I'd not mind doing business with a certain few though, yourself included.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind doing business with you, either. I just don't know how mobile phones will affect my budget across continents.
i already have Shai on skype...

and i talk with CokeNut mostly everyday...

do 'significant others' count?
i have talked to shai on the phone...

dont think i will meet people from this forum, but ive met several other people, and also made good friends with people from other forums/communities...
I have and do...Reflecting on it at the present time. Its been stressful, rewarding, gratifying and depressing. All at once. But I don't regret any of it, at the end of the day. There are several people I would happily meet with IRL, at least in a wide open space, in broad daylight. (joking) In reality its great, providing I don't overthink every little subtlety that comes across in conversation on the phone. I guess its kind of nice learning to trust people more and find common ground. :)

One main reason I do it, is I really do love hearing different people from around the world speak, laugh and express themselves. I'm trying not to be too needy, in my pursuit of offline FRIENDSHIP, but probably need to be a bit more considerate at times.
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Nah I haven't...probably won't either.
Nobody on this forum, though I met dozens of people from my last Forum over the course of 4.5 years. Two I was very close to online became very close IRL friends when I moved down here. Another (a fellow Mod) has now become my future son in law.

Also met dozens of IRC channel friends IRL years ago. A couple of parties in England, with people attending from the U.S., Canada, England, Wales, Australia and Belgium (I think it was Belgium, somewhere in Northern Europe, anyway).
Not on this forum...but on INFPgc yeah. Met some IRL and am currently living with a member from off that forum. Heh heh heh... met my boyfriend on INFPgc.

I take my online relationships very seriously if they progress to the "friend" area. Anyone from INFPgc can tell you that. I dunno if I'll get as close to you guys here as I have on there.

Skyping is cool if the company is good. But generally, skyping with strangers doesn't interest me much.
What about a skype conference call between INFJ forum members?

I don't know you all very guys still fit in the "stranger" category. If we had a nice chat (the IRC sux, it's not pretty enough, it's just text!) it would be easier for us to get to know each other.

Talking on forums is slow...
Not this forum, no - but writer's forums and writer friends, yes. We've actually met at conventions before, too.

Would I be willing to do that here? Sure - although I'd prefer an IRC or group chat first.
I'd love to communicate with the other members of this forum! I thought that is why we had the option of posting our IM names for the various programs. I am just too reserved (sober that is, get a few drinks in me and I'd be messaging all of you randomly) to be the one to initiate contact.
Maybe we can create a group chat at a time when a good chunk of folks will be on. And can progress from there. It could be IRC or YM or AIM...or even Google Chat. :p