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How do you express your 'J' preference?


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Jul 8, 2008
Question - How do you express your judging preference?

I tend to find that my 'F' holds back lots and lots of things that I would otherwise express. For example, I'll use emotion to express my opinions, but ONLY in the company of like opinions. I almost never will express opposing political or religious views with parties who I know think otherwise.

In addition to that, I'm a neat freak, and a perfectionist. All of these things seem to be my J trying to express itself. How about you?

P.S. All answers, from all users, are welcome. Even if you're more of a 'P' type. Explain your 'J' or 'P' preference. :)
i know js are what you probabley want to compare with but oh well, i wants to post.

i express my :m156: in many ways. In fact, its my strongest trait next to Introversion. Dust gathers on my wall (so much so i can draw on them), i'm bad with money :m186: and i never make up my mind...I dont know if thats expression....... its more like things i do by habit
I think it depends. I'm pretty predictable, and I'm very perfectionistic with myself (to a point where it can be debilitating, but that's another story). But I definitely weigh situations and take a long time to decide things, because I consistently weigh the pros and cons with most every major decision I make. And I'm totally with you when it comes to holding back, and holding my tongue. I won't speak up unless I feel it's a safe place to do so - or I'll speak up if I feel I need to.

But I am NOT very neat and I tend to be a little late wherever I go.
schedules, schedules, and more, schedules
as well as routiens, which of course tie into that. Of course, I throw varieity into the routeens if they get boring, but they morealess stay the same

I am a very planned person, and go nuts if I don't know the plans. For example, a friend says "we are going out to dinner, want to come?" I will feel unconfortable until I know the exact meeting time, how to get there, and who else is going. I get rather flustered if we are late, some random person shows up that was not planning on going, if we are put on a waiting list and everyone says "lets go wander around town until then!".

I guess that is the jist of it.