How do I find out what my Fi, Ni etc are?


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Some people have in their signatures something resembling the following:

Fi -## < Ni -## > Ne- ## etc

I know all of that has to do with MBTI and being INFJ but how do we find out where we fall in all those numbers and what they mean!?

Thank you :m1:
Thank you Indigo Sensor!
wow, you guys were certainly busy after I went to sleep! Thank you for all of the responses....

IndigoSensor - you explained a lot of things very well, as I am able to grasp some of these new terms and ideas. I will take a look at all of the IJ variants.

YHWH- What do you mean? I'm a newbie, don't use big words :(

Adymus- You also make some good points and you said a lot of stuff that I will have to think about some more. I can see the possible problems with the test because it can only measure what we are aware of. As I was taking it yesterday, I kept on thinking of various situations and what I do or think when I'm in the midst of it. So, yeah, that could be a problem.

ENFP can be shy- Yeah, I'm not at all AWESOME! Seriously, that is not my mantra and 2understandme is definitely me!

Morgain, I believe you asked the right question!