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  • Well that's good. Just got a sense that maybe you weren't doing great, but it's nice that I was wrong in this case.
    I don't relate either. I could be getting loads of infractions if I spoke my mind more often than I already do. I'll probably not do it anymore, it's always misunderstood. People are sensitive to other people having any opinions at all.
    How do you get your infractions? I got one once, and I guess it was somewhat deserved. But I could see how I'd get one from just writing an opinion down. Hopefully it doesn't bother you too much... I feel like I want to PM you about how you're feeling, but maybe that's a bit too much. If you want someone to talk to just let me know I guess.
    Usually when I think of evolution,
    it's in the form of positive growth.
    But the TC people showed meESTP, and that makes sesne as well. I am a very practical person. Hehe. And there IS a point however where if intelligence is too much of a struggle i won't do it. Thats the thing. Like, if I can reach the highest amoutn of educatio posssible I will, but if I don't? Oh well. THAT IS WHY I AM SO CONFUSED. I know NTs wont rest til they know everything.
    lol...why yes...that would have been you...lol You werent very nice to me over there...in the past ;) but i am glad you are here. Very welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay :)
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