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It flourishes unseen; it lives inwardly screaming, impotent; it dies unsung.

Life unfolds on, crushing and relentless. And this sacred knowledge is trampled underfoot.

Its corpse, crushed to dust by blind fools, becomes a new beginning. Merges again with unformed raw matter, for foolishness to be born from in the next turn of the cycle.

And for the mournful beauty of after, of wisdom, to continue arising from tentatively, to be crushed without mercy.

Onwards. Onwards. Onwards.

Life could solve itself, and its solution would be undone by onwards.

Murky waters; clearness is rare here. A being enters into it, and looks back upon the unseeing it was before. It knows. The tides change, clarity dies, engulfed in what is not it. Nothing is said of it; onwards.

Men see a goddess. They talk of her. They take her memory into their worlds, and spin world-made fables inspired by her image. She disperses. Into the world. She becomes what she never was. She is voiceless now, a pattern of this earth devoid of heaven; onwards.

Heaven was presenced on earth here; it sent dust flying, and now its avatar is the settling dust. There will only be earth soon; onwards.

You should have posted this in the articles section. Its poetry, and it's pretty good.
An insight is born. It is presenced through action. It disperses. Its effects return as aliens to it.

Thereby, heaven becomes entanglement in earth.
You are so wise, that it is even intimidating hihi.
But I am thinking about your words life could solve itself and I don't really feel like I agree with this. What actually means to leave life that it would solve itself? Maybe when it is left somewhere, heaven comes, and not into fools imagination, but to people who were hurted... :m197:
I don't think it could be 'solved' either, in any literal sense. I suppose that, if my figurative meaning isn't clear to you, you could treat it as equivalent to an end to the quest of life. A complete attainment of perfect wisdom, enlightenment, beauty etc. etc.

I don't like that way of expressing it as much, but perhaps it will help to clarify.