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Health Conscious?

I'm sortof, I always watch what I put in my body, though I don't have a strict diet. I exercise plenty as well.
I certainly think about it every time I eat, but I don't have the time to stick to it. My ideal diet would be 100% organic, gluten and dairy free, fresh fruit, nothing from cans . . .

Can anyone seriously afford that? Organic is ridiculously expensive.
Yeah I mentioned in another thread just how expensive it is to try and live healthy, fresh, fruit and vegetables don't have a very long shelf life so there is always a risk of wastage, nuts are great and very good for you but they are ridiculously expensive down here!
(irrationally defensive) . . . I'm not expensive!


I'm resorting to the precut fruit bowls. in the long run, they cut down b/c nothing is wasted. I actually eat them faster b/c there is little effort involved and a lot of variety in sufficiently small quantities.
In the words of the highly esteemed charlie brown:


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Right now I just cut down on portions...I cant afford to eat much better than I do right now...also there is a time factor I am a full time working mom who still needs to find time to be alone with her thoughts, create, read and sleep...Life is hectic and cooking from scratch is not logical for me what i want just eat less of it. and do yoga and pilates every day that I wake up on time
I am on the starving artist diet. I eat what I can get. :p I do try to walk alot though, especially now before the winter begins.
I'm on the diet if I think its good I'll eat it even if I'm full. I'm a picky eater though so alot of its junk food. But I have a high metabolism so I destroy my body without anyone seeing. xD
That is an awesome pic shai
I'm extremely health conscious. My view about health are holistic in nature in that what I eat is a result of my entire ethical view at the moment and my constantly-increasing nutrition knowledge. I consider my knowledge of nutrition and my philosophical views to be greatly more extensive than over 99% of the population, but I still know there is so much to learn. I'm likely going to get an N.D. in the future along with a couple of other nutritional certifications. Thus, my diet is personalized from the current knowledge, views, and income that I have.

It consists of filtered waters, organic products, only wholefoods or raw/organic food powders, no animals capable of feeling pain, multi-vitamins, a few supplements such as MSM and Bee Pollen, and several other subtle and small points. The most important powders and supplement I buy are:

Vitamineral Green = My Super Greens Food Powder
Chocolate Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein = My Protein Powder (since I do weight training as part of my exercise plan)
Vitamineral Earth = My Root, Seed, Herbal, and other Medicinal Elements Powder
[FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Catalyst Altered Trace [/FONT]= My Water Mineralization

I mostly drink herbal teas, and smoothies with herbal teas as the base and with goji berries, maca root, blueberries, raw cacao, bananas, strawberries, and other various herbs/spices as I see fit or am feeling for the day.

I also drink organic/raw vegi juices from time-to-time.
I'm health conscious, as well as environmentally conscientious. The more I learn, the more conflicted I become.

About 8 years ago, I greened up our life. I don't use any toxic chemicals inside or outside our home (I clean using vinegar, lemons, and baking soda for the most part). Unscented laundry detergent, no fabric softeners, paraben-free skin care products and shampoo. No pesticides, including flea/tick products on our animals. We choose natural, sustainable materials for our clothes, bedding, flooring, furnishings, etc. (unbleached, organic cotton and bamboo, wool, wood, etc.) I was buying whole, organic, non-GMO foods exclusively for years, but now I find myself weighing the relative responsibleness of buying organic apples from Argentina against local produce from an orchard 10 miles from my house. I'm trying now to institute a 100 mile rule for the food I buy. We're not vegetarians, so when I'm not able to find organic meats & poultry, I do try to buy grass-fed (beef), vegetarian fed (poultry), humanely raised meats. All dairy remains organic.

I'm a much bigger fan of providing necessary nutrients through a variety of fresh foods rather than using supplements. I do not trust the multi-billion dollar, poorly regulated supplement trade, the vast majority of which is outsourced from China.

Wanted to provide a few links to why I am not comfortable with supplements outsourced from China (these links mainly focus on garlic and Vitamin C, since these focus strongly in many health-conscious dietary and alternative medicine programs and the vast majority of garlic and Vit C now comes from China):