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Mar 9, 2009
What is the pursuit of happiness and what are the implications of the pursuit of happiness?
For me pursuit of happiness has been about learning of, and living in, certain balances between work, rest, study, play, prayer, action, community, solitude. If all these are at work (on some level) my life seems more well-rounded, balanced, and happy.
Happiness is something hard to find... it's a lovely feeling .. it's would be beautiful if everyone would feel happy

and... I think before getting to truly appreciate happiness, one has to feel sadness, hurt and pain

sadness, hurt and pain are in the process of finding true happiness

i believe that you can never appreciate happiness in a deep way without experiencing these three things although happiness can happen without these things (but i really think one would appreciate it more if he will experience these unpleasant things)

also, i believe happiness comes from within and is a spiritual or emotional connection

happiness is more than a smile

okay i feel like i didn't answer your question ahaha i was defining what happiness is for me...

but. okay pursuit of happiness.... okay for me, there's a lot of learning in the process.. a lot of connecting with yourself and with others <--- if harmony is your aim, it's something that comes from yourself.. happiness is not just a feeling. it's so much more than that..

it's understanding what you want and need, what your goal is, what uplifts you... and then you'd be happy but happy is a temporary feeling for me (if defined as like a feeling when someone gives you a present).. people crave for more and more in life.. and so.. i would rather want to feel contented and thankful than happy because when i'm happy.. i kind of like want more and more.. and so that's not happiness.. being contented has more of a good feeling..

but if you're talking about true happiness.. then that is what i was talking about as i mentioned above :) :)
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Bertrand Russell's 'The conquest of happiness' looks an interesting read.

Nice having a take on something that was written in quite a different era, but in a society that was pretty much void of charlatans seeking a quick buck on the back of the depressed masses.
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