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Guilt and Shame


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Aug 19, 2009
Are worse than any punishment most people can give, at least for the guy with Fi. How do guilt and shame effect you Fe users?
They are annoyances.

I would get laid so much more often if I didn't have to deal with guilt and shame.

They are proof that my values own me rather that me owning my values.
Only I can impose guilt and shame upon myself. It is extremely rare for someone else to make me feel that way.
Yeah, guilt and shame is it, that thing that makes you care when others don't seem to. When you're bothered about doing something or thinking of doing something, it's there. It can be quite a burden. And that can be good, in that it means you're listening to your conscience, but it can be bad in that you may find that you feel guilt or shame about everything, even things that you are not responsible for.
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I find that it, like everything else, gets a different response from different people.
Some people brood over it, but do nothing, others avoid things that cause them guilt or shame, others do those things anyway and ignore it, some people try to do something about it and make themselves only feel guilt or shame when it should be felt.
I tend to feel shame and guilt (especially guilt) much too often, which is quite frustrating at certain times, such as not being able to hold a grudge when I probably should.