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Feb 12, 2009
I thought this would be of great interest to @Questingpoet (if he isn't aware already) and any other superhero fans out there. Looks like the Green Lantern Movie is well under way.


However, there has recently been a rainbow of new Lantern Corps... red, orange, yellow, indigo, etc. in the Blackest Night series. Each of them has a different bent, but I've recently fallen in love with the Blue Lantern Corps. They're a very passive set of heroes who fuel their rings with the power of hope, seeking only to protect and heal, not harm... not even the 'bad guys'. How cool is that?


However, there is another color that @IndigoSensor (as well as most of us INFJs) that are much like the Blue Lantern Corps called the Indigo Tribe who power their rings on compassion.

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This is amazing! I always loved the green lantern.

Seeing all the different colors of the Lantern corps is very interesting, I have personally fallen in love with the Indigo one you posted. It's design is simply amazing, it looks so cool.
Ah, Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett Johanssen's future ex-husband and my future live-in-boyfriend.

I have doubts about this movie being very good, though.
I am well aware of the movie being filmed. I was not aware of the new comic series though. Thanks for posting this VH!

I know about the film being in production. Theres a whole heap of them that are coming out next year. I doubt if any of them will be as good as the Dark Knight. Speaking of the Green Lantern, here's something for Questingpoet in the mean time.

[ame=""]YouTube- Green Lantern Trailer[/ame]
THAT is friggin' sweet! Thanks Hotkebab. I have to say though, who the hell is that? It's not Ryan Renolds.
I might have been excited, but Green Lantern never really crossed the seas. All we got was Spiderman, Batman, and X-Men.

I feel like my childhood has been wasted.
THAT is friggin' sweet! Thanks Hotkebab. I have to say though, who the hell is that? It's not Ryan Renolds.

It's not a real trailer, it's edited using scenes from Firefly as well as other things.