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Good books to read?


Sep 8, 2009
I'm looking for some books to read. Myers Briggs or otherwise. General topics of interest: life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Self development, understanding one's mind, type of a book. Anybody out there have a good read for me?
When I was done reading I am the Messenger, I had to sit quietly for a day or two and really think about myself, life, and happiness. It's got great humor, poetry, and some of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I very highly recommend it. It's mostly about self development, helping others, and love.

It remains one of the three books that I have cried in.
A Whole New Mind and Drive both by Daniel Pink
Anything by Khrishnamurti is good. I would recommend at least trying a good book on Ch'an/Zen.
Thank you. Thank you. Khrishnamurti sounds amazing- I bought 2 books. And I bought Drive by Daniel Pink, which also sounds great. I appreciate your responses :)
Thank you for posting these. I am the Messenger is one of the best books that I have read in years. Really, really enjoyed it, and it was exactly what I needed. Much appreciated!
The 5 Love langauges, by Gary Chapman

You can ignore the religious aspect, if you choose. I still found it enlightening and pertinent.
Anything by Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, or Zig Ziglar.
"Rapt," Winnifred Gallagher
The Einstein Factor by Win Wenger