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Geometry in music

Oh my god what an AMAZING video, I love the song and I play piano as do I understand music but still this had me transcend into an enlightened moment of realisation. Like it made perfectly sense some how, exceptional really! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really is a visual experience of musical sound. Think how it could be a medium to explain what music is to deaf people ^^
Thanks for that im meant to be studying but that was a welcome refreshing distraction!really liked it thanks
That is the closest thing I have seen to my synesthesic images.
Haha just me, its in my nature :love: This is so interesting they should really have case studies on this to see how sensory impared people may react. I play claire de lune. I play alot of classic music I wish I could play for you ^^
Wow, that first one is pretty interesting, showing all the different intervals and stuff...

Thanks just me!