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Mar 27, 2009
Anyone else fed up with all this health & safety garbage?

I was asked to look at a few things at work recently regarding hazard awareness, jokingly we used a stapler for an example of how silly things are getting and how anything is now classed as a risk. Then later I was mentioning this to someone in another department, to my surprise/amusement a member of our staff actually had a 'serious' issue with them and thought them a risk because she had received repetitive strain injury from one!

Then yesterday I had a lorry driver came in for a delivery, when he gave me the paperwork he said that the company had a policy where the drivers had to make sure they took the staples out before giving it back to the admin girls so that they didn't injure themselves!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't get it, what's going on people? It's so petty, priorities are all arse about tit... the worlds gone mad! :m142:
I will note I'm not crying about the stapler, just the general state of things.
People do stupid things like sit with horrible posture for hours a day, and wonder why their body hurts and who they can sue. So others are trying to cover their arses with warnings so they're not liable.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world. :(
Did anyone say "lawsuit" ? Our industry is showing an increase in asking for workmens compensation and general liability insurance certificates from those we buy from for their deliveries on our properties.
Its regulation of the worst kind and it just shows you how bad good intentions can become.
Same old story people have been complaining about for years upon years and no proposed solutions.
Same old story people have been complaining about for years upon years and no proposed solutions.
Rejecting the system and learning to be self-reliant?

How about toppling the system on our own, then letting things work themselves out?
It's frustrating to be over-regulated. It becomes a regulation when someone decides to sue for something they were foolish enough to try. Like, when a criminal breaks into your house, trips over a chair, breaks his leg, and sues *you* for having the chair in your house.

Sometimes you can fight it with a better judicial system or a different governing body, but it's hard to fight it alone. People just have to accept that accidents happen, and we need to be responsible for our own actions - regardless. Negligence is a far cry from accidental.
It's just a nasty side of human nature, now with legal backing: when something bad happens, people instinctually identify a guilty party, preferably anyone but themselves.
I think that part of the problem is that people have no sense of responsibility in the workplace. People will do stupid things, or do reasonable things stupidly because they really don't care about what they are doing.

I remember hear a few years ago of some companies paying their employees with shares in such a way that the more shares an employee had, the more imput they had on workplace procedures etc. The intention was to increase workplace productivity/efficiency. I haven't heard any further reports on these trials, but they sounded like a good idea at the time.

Incidentally, there are some places where the opposite problem is found. In my organisation total commitment is expected, the effect of this is that everyone has a personal interest in a good outcome. There is an unspoken expectation of self-sacrifice, to perhaps an excessive degree, even when things go wrong. A colegue of mine was almost blinded by a small explosion recently while on a posting overseas. The attitude is such that no one even showed any interest in the fact, except to show some annoyance at his absence while he was recovering. My theory is that the world is just crazy.